Ultra-Soft, Disposable Absorbtex Massage and Bath Towel - Packs of 10 units - 100 x 210 cm (40 x 83 in)


Ultra soft, luxurious-feeling, disposable bath towels in a generous size, 100 x 210 cm (40" x 83") for massages, salons, body wraps and other beauty treatments, in packs of 10.

  • Ultra soft cloth material
  • Tear-proof
  • Maximum absorption, up to 500 times the towel's weight in water.
  • Unique, trademarked Absorbtex material
  • Sets of 10 towels
  • Head to toe coverage for the client

10 extra absorbent, extra soft disposable sheet-style towels, cut in the size 100 x 210 cm (40 x 83 in)

These towels are already used by many salons, massage parlours, esthetician offices, waxing and tanning centre

They were specially designed for the compelte protection of massage and salon tables to protect table investment and the hygiene of the client.

The towels will wrap around the client's body and keep them warm before, during and after treatments. No more problems with clays, muds, lotions, massage oils or creams.

Super absorbent: Your customers can use these towels just as they would any traditional towel.

These towels can be used and reused several times as long as they aren't soiled, but they cannot be washed.

The soft and absorbent material allows you to take your services outside the office or salon.

The end of cleanups means more time caring for the customer or yourself.

Quantity: 10

Colour: White