Fast-Drying Double Woven Terry Towels for Haircare - Packs of 6 units - 50 x 90 cm (20 x 36 in) - in Black and White

Reusable high quality terry towels, 100% cotton in a size specially designed for haircare, 50 x 90 cm (20" x 36"). The material dries extra quickly, available in either white or black.

The result of the combined expereince of Coif'Hygiene and an innnovative European fabric inventor, this new, 100% combed cotton terry towel meets all the requirements of the hairstyling profession.

  • Drying time reduced thanks to a newly designed, custom weave. This towel dries quicker than normal cotton towels to generate time and money savings.
  • Double twisted/woven quality weave with finer fibres, in the 16/2 size instead of 21/1, what's most common in lower-end products.
  • The black colour version of the towel is treated with Indenthren stain-resister to prevent stains and to provide extra efficient washing.
  • Barber and salon sized, in 50 x 90 cm (20 x 36 in), with minimal shrinking after the first wash.
  • 380 g/m².
  • Recommended for wash at 60° C.
  • Made in Europe.

Quantity: 6

Colour: White or Black

We offer bulk discounts starting at 12 towels. For large quantity orders, different towel sizes or if you would like more information, please contact us directly by phone at 0207 193 0887, or by email at Price includes all applicable taxes, including VAT.