Flip flop Playa disposable - pack of 20 pairs

Size and colour: S white Size and colour: M white Size and colour: L white Size and colour: S Black Size and colour: M black Size and colour: L black
Tong Playa disposable - pack of 20 pairs
Order 5 lots (- 10%), 10 lots (-15%) or 20 lots (-20%) of 20 pairs and get a discount

White or black economic Flip flop sandals / thongs with several sizes.

Your facility is equipped with a spa, steam room, sauna or even a swimming pool?

Do not let your clients walk there in shoes or (even worse) barefoot.

The flip-flop Playa  is a special feature that you give your customers during their stay.

As a welcome gift, it is the most hygienic way for your guests to walk within your establishment.

This is a real barrier against plantar infections such as fungus or warts:

more info to fight warts.

It also helps protect your floors and carpets against dirt from outside.

A hygienic solution while staying within your budget!

We offer 4 sizes:

S = 23.5 cm

M = 26 cm

L = available in June 2013

XL = available in June 2013

And two colours: white and black