Disposable Bath Towels - Packs of 25 units - 60 x 100 cm

Disposable Bath Towels - Packs of 15 units - 60 x 100 cm (32 x 40 in)
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Extra soft and absorbent disposable towels, ideal for massages, hair care, beauty treatments, microdermabrasion, make up applications and other salon services, 60 x 100 cm  in sets of 25 pieces.

This towel is already used by many hotels, resorts, spas, beauty salons and wellness centres

Ideal for massages, classes and beauty treatments at home, in the salon or outside in nature

Individually wrapped for impeccable hygiene every time.

These towels can be used and reused several times as long as they aren't soiled, but they cannot be washed.

The soft and absorbent material allows you to take your services outside the office or salon.

The end of cleanups means more time caring for the customer or yourself.

Size: 60 x 100 cm
Quantity: 25 pieces packed individualy
Colour: White

For large quantity orders, different towel sizes or if you would like more information, please contact us directly by phone at 0207 193 0887, or by email at info@disposable-linen.co.uk . Price includes all applicable taxes, including VAT.

15 Disposable towels extra absorbant 80 x 100 cm

This wonderful disposable towel is light and very absorbent and will wipe the entire body.

Your client will know that it is EXCLUSIVELY for him or her as it comes individually packaged.

It is large and resistant and wont tear when used.

Very usefull for day spay, masseur or beauticien "on the move"

The end of the chores of cleaning and holding tons of towels.

Color : white (no more with design)
Size : 80 x 100cm

For different sizes contact us by e-mail at info@caractere-paris.com