Disposable White Tunic-Style Work and Lab Coat - Pack of 10 units

Disposable White Tunic-Style Work and Lab Coat - Pack of 10 units
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Superbly detailed, high quality, white work tunics with buttonhole attachments and a collar for maximum protection, available in four sizes, from Small to XL.

Designed for stylists, masseurs, beauticians, aestheticians, make up artists and other professionals who use clay, oils, lotions, masks, dyes and chemical treartments that stain or cause messiness

They come at an excellent quality level and look very professional, with snap button closure, three large, useful pockets and short sleeves for maximum flexibility and minimum interference with work tasks.

The anti-static, micro-ventilated fabric allows the worker to feel relaxed and comfortable all day, preventing persperation while still providing protection.

While the material is not guaranteed 100% waterproof, the tunic will resist the penetration of splashes and drips incurred from normal hair, face and body care procedures.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Colour: White

For large quantity orders or to customise the work tunic, please contact us directly by phone at 0207 193 0887, or by email at info@coifhygiene.com. Price includes all applicable taxes, including VAT.

For your staff it's always so important to have a perfect appearance, the disposable tunic remains the best solution.

The anti-static micro-ventilated fabric provides a high level of comfort and prevents perspiration during working hours. 


If you need more quantity or your own design : please contact us info@coifhygiene.com